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NGG Smart Image Search plugin

This website is also the homepage for the WordPress plugin NGG Smart Image Search.go to the plugin docu

NGG Smart Image Search will provide a highly customizable search and display functionality for images in NextGEN Galleries. Customization can be done differently for public and private searches, i.e. for public and logged in users. Customization can be done via widgets or shortcodes.

The search will be carried out across title, description, filename and tags of all images. You can search for single terms, special terms and multi-key terms. You can include and exclude search terms or restrict terms to dedicated fields.

The scope of search can be defined by customizable lists of NextGEN galleries which can be defined separatly for public users or for logged in users:

  • all galleries
  • selected list of included galleries and albums
  • selected list of excluded galleries and albums

The result list can be configured in gallery form or as a single image list. You can use native NextGEN galleries for displaying the search results. You can change the display format on the fly. You can use static or dynamic search requests.

As a single image list it can provide the following information:

  • image id
  • image title
  • image description
  • filename of image
  • size of image in bytes and pixel dimensions
  • size of backup image in bytes and pixel dimensions
    (original image is optionally saved as backup image by NextGEN Gallery if uploaded image is resized and optimized during upload)
  • user id of uploading user (needs NextGEN Gallery table customization)
  • gallery id of gallery, where image is listed
  • title of that gallery
  • description of that gallery
  • tags saved with the image

The plugin NGG Smart Image Search will provide

  • a customizable widget and a customizable shortcode to define a search depending on user type (public or logged in)
  • a customizable shortcode to list the search results
  • a shortcode to add describing text depending on user type (public or logged in)

The plugin will automatically generate a landing page for the widget-based search, but this landing page can be configured freely by settings and WordPress edit page means  as well (including redefinition of slug and title).