There is currently a new major version of the plugin NGG Smart Image Search under development, where various functionalities are being added to the existing plugin. To avoid frequent updates of the productive plugin version, preliminary beta versions are provided here for download and for testing.

Please note that this beta will be installed parallel to the productive version.  In this way one can easily switch back to the productive version.

You have to download the beta version from this page and to manually install it to your wordpress website. To activate the beta version, you must first deactivate the productive version. Otherwise the activation of the beta version will not work because the beta version employs the same function as the productive version (but functions must be unique for wordpress).

In the same way you have first to deactivate the beta version before activating the productive version again.

Current beta version is  V2.8 Beta.  

Previous beta version was  V2.7 Beta. 

Added functionalities:

  1. Enabling paging for search result lists
  2. Define new basic search mode
  3. Enabling all NextGEN native galleries for displaying the search result list.
  4. Enabling NextGEN e-commerce option for the search result list
  5. enabling NextGEN template files for displaying the search result list
  6. providing new sort options for the search result list
  7. providing a target parameter for the search shortcode to explicitly adress the post/page for displaying the search result

A brief description of these new functionalities can be found here.

Provided fixes and enhancements:

  1. landing page will no longer be duplicated upon reactivation of the plugin
  2. landing page will be regenerated upon reactivation if previously deleted by admin
  3. new versions of NextGEN Gallery Pro will now be recognized for dynamic display options
  4. search box styling improved
  5. Various minor improvements
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